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Virtuemart Disqus comments
DISQUS Comments plugin for Virtuemart

DISQUS Comments in all your Virtuemart products
Virtuemart Disqus comments
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DIsqus VIrtuemart 2 zip
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Manufacturer Studio 42

Install the plugin and add your infos in the plugin.

Enable content plugins in Virtuemart configuration(First tab).

All your products can be commented Now and the comments are only visible in the user language, Nos mixing of  English, French ...

Download plg_content_disqus42.zip

Extensions specifications

Made for :

Compatible joomla 2.5 Compatible joomla 3+

Virtuemart Release

Compatible Virtuemart 2.6 Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

Type d'extention

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Not specified
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