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Virtuemart Bulk order print(PDF)
Bulk print all your Virtuemart orders with 1 Click

One click print PDF orders
Virtuemart Bulk order print(PDF)
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Manufacturer Studio 42

The plugin add a new Button in your Order view, to bulk print selected orders in a PDF.

The PDF is directly rendered in your browser, so you dont need to reload the file.

Very quick !

Tested on 100 Orders, only waited 1 second.

The plugin do not generate all orders PDF, only merge existing orders file, so it not need extra memory, processing ...

Note that the plugin do not generate original PDF file, so if you try to select ungenerated PDF, you get a nice Warning with some informations and PDF content is not displayed.

Bulk Print or Save all orders

You can of course print, but you can save the PDF, it's why we made the choice to use a PDF, this can be shared tocollegues of your company, your accountant, to make backups of your invoices for example.


Extensions specifications

Made for :

Compatible joomla 2.5 Compatible joomla 3+

Virtuemart Release

Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

Type d'extention

Include a plugin


Gnu GPL V2


TCPDF installed
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