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Extra product

Custom field to add extra products to Virtuemart products.
Extra product
Extra product
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Vm Custom plugin Extra product package

plg_vm_extra_product.zip 1.0.3
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Manufacturer Studio 42

Thanks to this personalized product field, you can add as many list as necessary of related products
No limit when the number of products to associate!

See the demo on http://pro.st42.fr/en/demo/extra-product

As related products

With the same rendering as Virtuemart's related products

With the same rendering as the latest products, featured products ...


Or use related products as a shopping cart option

In the form of a radio button list (only one choice possible)

As a checklist list (multiple choices possible)

As a drop-down list (only one product but customer can modify quantity)

drop-down list with image and price

The checkboxes and radio button are customizable in 3 colors in the configuration of the personal fields, to integrate with your design

Custom field plugin setting

The settings are adjustable to fit into your shop and allow for most of the classic cases a shop may encounter.

Show as:

Choices are RELATED or DEFAULT
renders similar to the related product
displays a rendering similar to the latest product, featured product from Virtuemart categories.

Product per row:

If RELATED is used, set the number of products per line, otherwise the number of products are from Virtuemart configuration.

Show cart:

See or not the tip "add to cart" (if possible)

Show price:

See the price (if possible)

Show image:

View or not the image (if possible)

Show description:

See if short description (if possible)

Show rating:

See or not the product rating (if possible and active)

Disabled in Category

Choices are Yes, No or Yes & No 'Add to cart'
do not display optional products < strong>
No: show optional products
Yes & No 'Add to cart':
does not display optional products and disables the shopping cart button in the category. Note that if any of the fields at this setting, the Add to Cart button is disabled.

Layout (Add Cart)

The choices are List , Checkbox list , Drop-down , Radio : 
List  : The products are displayed in a vertical list.
Checkboxes : A checkbox is displayed next to each product (multiple choices).
Drop-down : A drop-down list with an editable quantity (you can predefine the quantity according to the desired value
Radio : A radio button is displayed next to of each product (simple choice).

Checkbox & radio color

Choosing the color of radio buttons and checkboxes

Extensions specifications

Made for :

Compatible joomla 3+

Virtuemart Release

Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

Type d'extention

Include a plugin


Gnu GPL V2
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