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Date for cart with picker

Custom field date field for Virtuemart products.
Date for cart with picker
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Manufacturer Studio 42

This field allows you to display the date in your Virtuemart cart  and order. It displays a date selector in the product.

It supports dynamic loading in the product and you can create multiple types of date selector according to your needs.

The date is checked at the shopping cart and prevents the addition if it is not valid!

 + then 15 options !

  • Madatory date (yes / no)
  • Choice of inactive days of the week
  • Highlighting customizable days of the week
  • Adjustable display mode Day, month, years when selecting
  • Global setting of the start date and end date of the current date.
  • Product setting of start and end date.
  • Choice of inactive days by product.
  • Option Today Button, Clear Button, Highlight Today, Auto Close, Calendar Weeks, View to Focus
  • Style Bootstrap 2 and Booystrap 3 native
  • Multi language language selector and automatic Joomla RTL support.
Extensions specifications

Made for :

Compatible joomla 3+

Virtuemart Release

Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

Type d'extention

Include a plugin




Virtuemart 3
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