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Virtuemart Media folder Clear
1 Click Images folders Cleaner for Virtuemart 3

Clear your Media and images Folder with 2 clicks!
Virtuemart Media folder Clear
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Manufacturer Studio 42

A simple and effective solution to clean your pictures folders. Two new buttons to permanently delete your obseletes pictures!

1 button remove images : difference from images in folder and DB (unused files).
1 button remove DB entries : inexisting files.

You should use this plugin to delete all unused files to speedup your shop. The most important is to clear the unused medias in database, because each record make the queries slower, so unpublished media is not the best way.
If you need a better way to manage images, you can buy Vm Be pro to manage your vendor, categories or products images and add descriptions to your images. or batch upload images and resize.

Last Update

Missing Joomla fie library in some case.
Missing button in Joomla 3.6.2+

Extensions specifications

Made for :

Compatible joomla 3+

Virtuemart Release

Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

Type d'extention

Include a plugin


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