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Vm Products (any ways)
Vm Products (any ways) display your virtuemart product with many filters and ordering possibility

DIsplay product ordered, in the cart, or filtered!
Vm Products (any ways)
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Manufacturer Studio 42

Show the DEMO

You can display now :

25 Random products from last 100 in your shop
  from the Virtuemart's categories phone & tablets
having min stock 10 with a price & featured !


10 Most Sold Products having High stock level
including the Children product
sorted in ascending order With base Price greater than 50


You can set the categories where to display this too.(eg, only in category accessories.).

Select your product lists:

-Show Your product in cart
-Show Products ordered in the shop
-Show Random products
-Show The latest products
-Show The products ordered by the customer
-Show Your best sales

Virtuemart 3 products anyways - Type of list

Personalize the information

- With or without images.
- Cart Zone
- Short description or not.

Choose your layout

- as a simple list,
- By default (as the delivered free module in VirtueMart)
- Product Slideshow (bootstrap 2 or 3) suitable for many template.
- And even as the list of products in the category!

Filter and display multiple categories!

You can choose the categories in which the product list should appear, but also filter the products displayed by categories selected by you!

All filters:

All the filters

-Product headlights only  No/Yes
-Set Categories to filter
-Show Products child? No Yes
-prices range with minimum, maximum
-Show Free No, Yes or Only
-Stock : mini and maxi Stock
-or Automatic  : Out of stock, low stock, high stock ...
-Shuffle the results of the products (with the possibility to set a Max db results)
 to have pseudo random results quickly while selecting a sort order

And you can reverse the order of results, as necessary!

Extensions specifications

Made for :

Compatible joomla 3+

Virtuemart Release

Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

Type d'extention

Include a module



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