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Module Language switch for Virtuemart
Language switcher for virtuemart products & categories

Switch language in the products & categories of your shop. Replace and extend Joomla! mod language
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Manufacturer Studio 42

 Simplify navigation between languages ​​in your shop under Virtuemart!

With the Joomla system, you must associate each page to move from one language to the other with the language module.

This module directly associates the products, categories and manufacturers for all languages ​​configured in your shop!

Just create a link from the home page of your Virtumart store for each language and activated multilingual plugin in Joomla.

Everything else is automatic!

If the translation is in another language, it is used, otherwise the category or fallback to the home of the shop.

 Improves SEO!

If the corresponding page is found ,  it's reported to google. And guide the customer to the right page, once your site referenced

Thanks to the goggle hreflang tag.

An extra direct link to every page for each language will increase the visibility of the products and categories

 Similar to the language module of Joomla!

The display and the settings are same as the original (mod_languages), so you will definitely have no worries during integration..

Update 29/11 2016 Now compatible with the various SEF options of Virtuemart 3.0.18+

Update 16/12 2018 Fix to rewrite correctly when product is a Joomla menu and code changes for href lang.

To test it, click the flags on the top bar

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Compatible joomla 2.5 Compatible joomla 3+

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Compatible Virtuemart 2.0 Compatible Virtuemart 2.6 Compatible Virtuemart 3.0 and more

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Virtuemart using multi-languages
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Cette extension m'a fait économiser beaucoup de temps et de cheveux !